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Since the Company’s first patent more than a 100 years ago, USNR has grown from a small sawmill equipment supplier to the world leader, with products ranging from single machines to highly engineered and technologically sophisticated turnkey solutions for wood processors in the plywood and panel, solid wood, and engineered wood sectors. In addition to the Company’s Woodland, Washington headquarters, USNR operates facilities in British Columbia, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Quebec, and Sweden.

Endeavour developed a relationship with USNR’s owners and management team over more than a decade. In 2013, Endeavour invested in USNR to provide partial liquidity to the long-time shareholders and support management’s pursuit of acquisitions and other growth initiatives. In March 2015, USNR completed the acquisition of Söderhamn Eriksson, a provider of sawmill equipment based in Sweden. Management and Endeavour, together, are focused on acquisitions around the world to round out the Company’s products and gain additional market share.