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Port Logistics Group, January 20, 2021

Port Logistics Group Welcomes Happy Returns To Their Whiplash Partnership Integrations Network

Port Logistics Group (PLG), one of the nation’s leading providers of omnichannel logistics services is announcing its new partnership with returns management provider Happy Returns, adding to its rapidly expanding Whiplash partner integration network.

This partnership caters to growing consumer expectations for a straightforward online returns process, as well the new-found reliance on ecommerce brought about by the in-store retail restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pairing of Whiplash’s seamless integration capabilities and Happy Returns’ nationwide box-free return drop off network makes for an intuitive and affordable approach to reverse logistics.

“Effective returns management has never been more important for merchant profitability,” said David Sobie co-founder and CEO of Happy Returns. “More online shopping means more returns, and greater demand for box free return drop off in order to satisfy shoppers and reduce costs for merchants.”

While no retailer enjoys dealing with an influx of returns, this process has become a significant touchpoint for consumers in recent years – brand loyalty in ecommerce is increasingly dictated by whether merchants can respond effectively to this less-than-desirable outcome. 

“The post-purchase customer experience is often regarded as an afterthought in ecommerce, meaning it’s not unusual for consumers to feel let down by complex or unwieldy returns processes.” Says Ryan Powell, Senior Vice President, Whiplash “Naturally, this isn’t good for merchants’ retention rates.”

“That’s why we’re really excited to partner with Happy Returns and to aid retailers in providing the best possible returns management experience for their brand. With the backing of their return portal software, drop off network and efficient reverse logistics, Happy Returns will help Whiplash to make the process more seamless than ever.”