Realizing Potential Through Collaboration

Great companies and value are created over long periods of time. Investors who are transaction-driven and rely on short term strategies add little to the long term vitality of a company. The Endeavour team understands the relationship between patient investing, growth, collaboration and stewardship.


Being local matters

Our regional strategy is based on the premise that doing business face-to-face is still the best foundation for successful partnerships.

Endeavour seeks those companies headquartered in the western United States where we can work as local partners and colleagues with management.

Investment Criteria



  • Two and a half decades and seven funds dedicated to a consistent strategy
  • Average partner tenure of sixteen years
  • We have seen most of the challenges faced by lower middle market companies as they grow


  • Commitment to leaving a company in better condition than when we arrived
  • Conservative capital structures – focus on sustainable earnings growth, not financial engineering
  • We are local – we live and work in the same region as our partner companies
  • It’s about all stakeholders, not only shareholders


  • Proven record of working with management to develop and implement organic and acquisition growth strategies
  • We have relationships with a diverse group of leading, regional and national consultants
  • Average portfolio earnings growth has exceeded 100%


  • We believe in reinvesting back into businesses for the future – in infrastructure, talent and innovation
  • Longer average investment periods (5-10+ years) and fund life compared to most investors